Building Successful Partnerships
    Between Startups & Industry
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What is CDILabs

We work towards building meaningful
commercial relationships between
the best European Startups
and Big Industry





“We are here [at the Matchmaking Day] to meet startups, learn about innovative technologies and meet smart people. So, it’s one of the most exciting days you can have in terms of a working day for innovation”

Virgilio Cerutti
Head of Business Development Central Coordination of FCA Group


“CDILabs is helping to build relationships between entrepreneurs and corporate. They are facilitating the use of innovation to create value for both. What is interesting is we don't know where it will lead, but it is an enabler for a dialogue to start”

John Elkann
President of FCA Group


“We believe in helping and supporting partnership with startups at the initial stage, sometimes even through investments. We see a future of partnership, not of competition [...] Timing is a key success factor, therefore we are committed to better synchronise the clock between startups and corporates”

Giovanni Castellucci
CEO of Atlantia Group


“We are looking to the future of Energy and to new solutions generated by startups. We believe in projects like CDILabs to support our international positioning in Innovation”

Alessandro Garrone
Executive Vice President of ERG Spa


“I liked the accurate preselection and matching of startups and corporations that fit together really well and the passion of all the people involved in CDILabs radiates”

Christian Adelsberger
CEO and Founder of Parkbob


“Working with CDILabs has been an absolute pleasure. They have been sincerely professional and made the journey smooth while being successful for all”

Dominic Rebello
CRO of GenieBelt


“There needs to be an idea, a technology that is ready to be industrialized and then the final relationship with the startups is decided individually”

Virgilio Cerutti Head of Business Development Central Coordination, FCA Group

We support

Top Startups in scaling up their innovative products by leveraging the market size, distribution channels and brand support offered by Big Industry.

Leading European Industries in scouting, testing and scaling innovative technologies developed by market ready Startups sourced from top incubators, accelerators and investors in Europe.


  • Direct sales access to C-level decision makers in Corporate HQ
  • Guaranteed trialling with Industrial Partners for value validation
  • Advice and support from top Industry and Innovation Experts
  • Coverage of initial facilitation costs (logistics, etc.)


Our Partners

Atlantia FCA ERG Autostrade Aeroporti COMAU CLN Magneti Marelli Telepass BCUBE


Our Process

1. Exploration

Identification and analysis of innovation themes with our Industrial Partners

2. Selection

Top European Startups selected from our Excellence Network

3. Matching

Startups and Corporate Executives meet-up and search for proper matching

4. Validation

Validation of Startups inside the Industry with the right settings to help initiate partnerships

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